"A beautiful and heartwarming experience!"

"Carolyn guided me through creating a personal experience in the form of a ceremony for my own aspirations and intentions - it was empowering to do this in nature!" 

- Deirdre

"An amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience!"

 "The setting is unbelievable and magical. You leave knowing you just had a lifetime impactful experience!" 

- Pamela


 "Looking back, it was almost dreamlike. Absolutely beautiful, I would say magical, with the perfect amount of intuitive guidance."

- Samantha


As a professionally educated and certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® I am experienced and skilled in the art of creating and facilitating ceremonies for healing and transition to commemorate important milestones in life.

Drawing on my experience, training, and natural gift for ceremony, I will work in partnership with you to create a ceremony that honors a time of change in your life (whether it be a new beginning, merging, cycle, or ending).

Your ceremony will take place in a privately owned rainforest located in the foothills of the Nehalem valley. This second-growth forest is still alive with the sound of water and frog song.  Moss covers the forest floor and hangs from the branches of ancient cedar and fir trees. Here you will find a magical and healing sanctuary for your ceremony.

Come join me on this one-of-a-kind and life-changing experience to celebrate and transform your life through ceremony!

"I felt 100% nurtured and supported by Carolyn to release a long-standing issue that was bogging me down. I highly recommend this experience as the next right step in your own journey."       - Michele

Healing & Transition Ceremonies

Healing & Transition Ceremonies

Healing & Transition Ceremonies


Ceremonies for Healing and Transition are for those who would like to honor a time of change in their lives. Transitions include divorce, job loss,  bereavement, health or relationship issues, life changes, or any life event that deserves reflection, healing, and commemoration.

Addiction Recovery

Healing & Transition Ceremonies

Healing & Transition Ceremonies


Healing Arts for Recovery is a program for those in recovery from addiction. Carolyn works with addiction treatment centers to offer creative groups that include art, writing, mindfulness & meditation, and simple rituals for self-reflection and healing. 

"Highly recommend!

 "Learning ceremony with Carolyn was wonderful and special. I’d highly recommend anyone who’d like to mark a passage in their lives to connect with her and learn how to celebrate and invite in all of life’s moments." - Patricia

About Carolyn


Carolyn Greenwood

Carolyn is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant©  schooled in the art of ceremony to honor transitions in life. Her work is focused on helping others to heal and transform their lives through art, mindfulness, and ceremony. Carolyn is a CADC intern. She works with treatment centers as a group facilitator and healing arts practitioner. 

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