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"Carolyn's approach is genuine and caring, giving participants a rewarding opportunity for self-exploration and personal healing! 

- Lark M. (participant in Hero's Journey series)


 I work with treatment centers to offer unique & creative groups focused on ritual and the healing arts for those in recovery from addiction. Please see below for current offerings. 

Healing Arts Recovery Program

Hero's Journey in 12-steps

Hero's Journey in 12-steps

Hero's Journey in 12-steps


This group process blends the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with Joseph Campbell's mythical concept of the Hero's Journey. Each session includes guided meditation, creative activities, writing, reflection, and simple rituals that guide participants on a journey of self discovery and healing.  These powerful group sessions have been described by participants as a "turning point" in their recovery.

Healing Arts Group

Hero's Journey in 12-steps

Hero's Journey in 12-steps


The Healing Arts group format allows participants to express their innermost selves in a safe and therapeutic way. The group process involves using images to create collaged cards that represent symbols, archetypes, and aspects of the soul. Simple rituals are engaged, such as writing and reading affirmations, lighting a candle (led lights can be used), and mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness Techniques

Transitional Ceremonies

Transitional Ceremonies


Mindfulness techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, guided visualization, and self-reflection are used in all groups.  In addition, a portable Labyrinth can be provided for use in treatment center groups. Walking the labyrinth is an introspective journey that quiets the mind and offers a sacred space for reflection. 

Transitional Ceremonies

Transitional Ceremonies

Transitional Ceremonies


Transitional ceremonies can be created for individuals or groups in residential or outpatient treatment centers. Participants are guided through a series of activities that encourage them to share their story (past, present, and future). Transition ceremonies are a wonderful way to honor the rite of passage from a treatment setting into the world of recovery.

 "Carolyn has a gift for going straight to the heart, shining light into the darkness and encouraging profound healing." 

Kyla M. (participant in the Hero's Journey) 

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Carolyn Greenwood, CADCR

Carolyn is a group facilitator and healing arts practitioner who works with treatment centers to provide group services and actitivities focused on art and mindfulness. She is a CADC candidate and a graduate student in a clinical mental health counseling program at Capella University.

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