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Sand Ceremony

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The Sand Ceremony is the perfect unity ritual for beach ceremonies.  It serves to represent the blending of two individual lives. Sand Ceremonies are a lovely way for your children to participate in your ceremony by blending their sand with yours into the unity vase or container.



Handfasting can be traced to ancient Celtic traditions. It is believed that this is where we get the term, "tie the knot." In this ritual, a couple joins hands and a ribbon or cord is wrapped around their hands by the officiant or a family member. A blessing is read while their hands are joined.  

Love Letter Wine Box


Together you will create a beautiful keepsake wine box with written notes (perhaps your vows or letters written to each other). Place a bottle of fine wine in the box and share the wine and contents of the box on your first, fifth, or tenth anniversary.  

Blessing Stones


Beautiful stones collected on the beach are distributed to guests who will make a wish or blessing to the couple.  The wish can be written on the stone as well. The stones are collected for the couple to have as keepsakes to remember the blessings and well wishes of their loved ones.  

Tree Planting


Planting a tree is a unity ritual to symbolize the growth and connection you share as a newly married couple.  This is an ancient tradition that is shared by numerous cultures around the world. 

Cord of 3 Strands


Also known as a "God's Knot"   the first two strands represents the two individuals and the third strand represents God or the Divine. The strands are woven together to symbolize unity with the each other and the Divine in your relationship.

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